Event Planning Software Downloads

It’s your event, plan it your way!  Use the FREE software below to plan your event.  Includes a simple drag-and-drop interface, complete with 3D preview!

Sweet Home 3D - Screenshot

Get started in 3 easy steps:

1)  Download and install the FREE Sweet Home 3D software:

Visit the Sweet Home 3D installation page for download links and installation instructions
(Available for Windows, Mac & Linux).

2)  Download and install our Event Venues 3D Model Package:

This file will add all of our table and chair configuration options to the Sweet Home 3D software.

Download 3D Model Package (ver. 2/14/2013)

After you have downloaded this file, launch Sweet Home 3D

    • From the menu, choose “Furniture”, then “Import Furniture Library”.
    • Browse to where you saved the file, select it and click “open”.
    • You should now have a category/folder in the upper left section of the Sweet Home 3D screen labeled “Event Venues” that will contain all of our chair and table configuration choices.

3)  Download and edit the floor plan(s) for your chosen venue:

After you have downloaded the appropriate floor plans below, Launch the Sweet Home 3D software and Click “File”…”Open”, then browse to the location you saved the file to, select the file and then click “Open”.

The Feather Ballroom Floor Plans:

Feather Ballroom (empty) – Download

Send us a copy of your floor plan file!  If your contract includes it, we will pre-setup your chair and table plans according to your desired layout.

Saving a 3D preview of your layout to an image file:

  • Arrange the 3D view window to the angle you want to save your image at.
  • From the menu, select “3D View”, then “Create photo…”
  • Set preferred image dimensions and other preferences (a minimum of 1,000 pixels in each direction is preferred, setting to best quality may take several minutes to generate the image).
  • Click “Create”.
  • After the preview has finished generating, click “Save…” to save your file.

Showing furniture icons, instead of boxes, in the 2D view:

  • From the menu, select “File”, then “Preferences”
  • Next to where it says “Furniture icons in plan”, change the selection to “Top view”

Additional Resources:

Sweet Home 3D Home Page

Sweet Home 3D User’s Guide

Sweet Home 3D FAQ

Please note:  Event Venues of Washington is not affiliated with the authors of the Sweet Home 3D software.  Event Venues of Washington does not provide software support for the Sweet Home 3D software.  The 3D Models and Floor Plans available for download on this page are © copyright 2013 by Event Venues of Washington and may not be redistributed or sold  by any other party without the prior written consent of an authorized representative of Event Venues of Washington.